Working Concept to create Apple Television for Next Generation?

When Apple releases something it is more than just a product. They also build the whole ecosystem with it to work in perfect synchronization. When they released the iPhone, they did not just release the iPhone, they in fact created a whole ecosystem with it by providing a whole range of services in iTunes. Its not like there wasn't a smartphone before but there just wasn't anything as perfect as iPhone at that time. 

Many experts say apple might not be a good at TV market because there is nothing new to offer there. However, truth to be told, there are endless possibilities in the TV market currently with number of cable providers and satellite services working individually. Whereas, Apple is fit to provide a whole bunch of organised services. And in fact, if there is one company that can do it, its Apple. Why? Because they never fail to provide the whole package with their innovative approach and ability to organize to the core. Needless to say this is what they do the best - Innovate and Integrate.

Here is a list of things that Apple should/Must do to be as sucessful in the Television market as Smartphone and Tablet market : 

TV set (4K) 

If Apple develops a television , it is highly unlikely that they will develop a TV with resolution less that 4K since they aim at top of the market. And it probably would be way cheaper than what it is today around $4000 - $5000, and probably to $3000 when market matures. Reason for this being the no. of production units will be high because of apple's market demand and maturity. And another reason that demand would definitely be high is because of the services offered that are explained later.

TV set (Design)

Apple has always been the state of the art designer, at it would definitely be same for the TV. The TV set would probably have a consistent design absolutely without any unnecessary curve or color theme-ing, with its trademark rounded edges or with no edges at all. 

Smart & Powerful Television

If Apple makes a television, it has to be smart with a high powered in-built processor, possibly like A6 or A6x chip. The requirement for such a processor is that it must be running numerous applications downloaded via iTunes. There can be a whole new amount of television applications that can be made particularly for television itself or even some applications can be converted for television usage. Movies and Series on-demand services of iTunes would be used extensively used in such scenario. Another need for faster processor would be because of the introduction of "x265 encode" (to would be explained in other post) that would require much more power for the decoding. Apple just might be the first to integrate it as it did with "x264". This would decrease the bandwidth requirements for movies and webisodes drastically. Also, the software can be upgraded from time to time.

Hard Drive

Not only the movie and series rental but the service to purchase them can also be provided which would require an in built hard drive to store the videos. And the movies can be transferred from TV to the Computer too if extra space is required.

Cable on Internet

When one thinks about the television channels, the only thing that comes to mind is the cable operator or satellite services. However, there is one much much convenient option that we use in our daily routine - The Internet. Average broadband speed in US is about 7.4 Mbps with many ISP's offering speeds of about in 100 Mbps. The requirement for running such a service would be about 3 - 4 Mbps for High definition and 1 - 2 Mbps for standard definition when compressed (Compression will be discussed in other post). What they have to do is work directly with content companies like HBO, NBC, etc to bring in the content. After iTunes, this could be the next revolutionary service from apple. 

The Opportunity present is huge, there is much to be improved and a gap to be filled without people even realizing what that the gap is present. Apple holds the expertise in filling such gaps like iPad. Apple has a way of servitude towards the mass consumerism and this is the perfect opportunity for them. Who knows, Apple might just bring out a Television revolution.

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